Theatre Shows

Traditional Han Chinese Cultural Show

It is a dance and music show featuring martial arts, costume catwalk, short films about tea ceremony and calligraphy. It was premiered at Liverpool Unity Theatre on Saturday 28th March 2015. We had two shows on the day. 

Year of the Horse Chinese Cultural Show

The show consists of performances featuring traditional Chinese Han Tang dance, Classical Chinese dance, Chinese folk and ethinc dance, Break dance, Classical Chinese music and Chinese pop music performed by Chinese harp (Guzheng) and Chinese Flute (Dizi). It was performed at Unity Theatre on 1st February 2014 and we had a full house.

Hightlights of the show is below. Check the videos of full show please go to:

Lady White Snake

Lady White Snake show consists of two halves. The first half is a mixed programme of dance and music; the second half is a 40-minute dance theatre piece about one of the four greatest Chinese legends 'Lady White Snake'  with a variety of styles and art forms including Chinese dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Martial Arts and Animation to tell this famous Chinese love story. It was performed at Unity Theatre on 1st & 2nd March 2013. 

Highlights from 1st Half

Highlights from 2nd Half

For audience from China, please visit &

For the whole show, please visit

Spirit of Dragon

A show of Chinese music, dance, martial arts as well as fusion of Chinese and break dance to present various aspects of Chinese culture including history, philosophy, religion, literature, ethinicity and tradition. Sold-out premire at Unity Theatre on 23rd February 2012, and restaged at Brewery Arts Centre on 7th February 2013. 

Moonlight Reveries 

A show celebrating Middle Autumn Festival, one of the most important Chinese traditional festivals for family gathering on 15th August in Chinese lunar calendar with the fullest moon within a year; the show includes a documentary about Chinese communities celebrating the festival, performances in Chinese music, Chinese singing, collaboration of Chinese and western music, poetry reciting both in Chinese and English, and a multimedia dance piece based on the myth behind the festival. It premiered successfully on 1st October 2011 at Liverpool Capstone Theatre and was restaged at Bold Street Festival 2012 (see Outdoor Events)


Beyond the Arch 

2010 dance commission from Culture Liverpool, which presents the documentaries and dance about the stories of 5 Liverpool Chinese immigrants of different backgrounds. 

 Part 1

Part 2

 Part 3


2010 production to present the history of China from Prehistoric to Imperial to Modern China through dance at World Museum Liverpool.


Life of Totem 

2008 production to show different ethnic group dance in China including Monoglian, Tibetan, Xinjiang Urghur, Kazak, Dai and Wa. See photos here

Spring Sonata 

2008 Chinese Lantern Festival show presenting both traditional and modern Chinese culture through dance, music, singing and martial arts. See photos here.