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 Press for our 2014 Chinese New Year Show

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"The performances by China Pearl during Light Night were beautiful and professional, exceptionally well received by our visitors and attracted huge audiences. At the Museum of Liverpool we aim to demonstrate the contribution of different communities to the history and status of the city over a long period of time throughout our exhibitions and as such we are keen to showcase talent of our local performers which reinforce this message."


--------Julia Bryan, Head of Education in Museum of Liverpool


"The children were focused and paid attention during your session and many of them talked about the experience afterwards and completed pictures about what they had seen and enjoyed. The staff were delighted that aspects of your performance appealed to our most complex pupils because of the sensory element e.g. flowing material. Thank you and I do hope that you will be able to repeat this session for more SEN pupils in the future."

------ Julie Roberts, Assistant Headteacher of Barlows Primary School

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Featured in Museum of Liverpool          Shortlisted LJMU Graduate Award 2012      


featured on Liverpool Echo for 2014 Chinese New Year 


     Our Olympic celebration featured in Liverpool Echo July 2012                      


         2012 Community Award 2nd Place by Mersyeside Police Authority                             


                        Featured in Denbigh Journal March 2012

        Featured in Ely Cambridgeshire Newspaper May 2012                              


                Featured in 2012 LJMU Postgraduate Prospective


A letter from Y6 student who took prat in our 2012 Mid-autumn event


          Certificate of BBC Performing Arts Fund Award 2011                                        


   Featured Small Business of the Week on Liverpool Echo July 2011

Comments from audience for 'Moonlight Reveries' show October 2011